The gift of FAITH

The faith we have is a gift from our Lord, and it is a GREAT gift to be cherished. I remember how Fr Iker would say – pray for a strong faith. Pray to be faithful to the very end. Amen.

Here are young friends in the community. We have come together to share some time and to learn how to grow in our faith. A movie based on a real life story was the key focus. This movie was none other than Faith Like Potatoes. Do check it out!

Our SD’s reflection with us made all the difference. We were challenged to think of the ones who have journeyed ahead and how we are still on our pilgrimage. See the feet walking round in deliberate steps. . . See the potatoes we have in our hands. May our faith grow from strength to strength. In our midst too are young people seeking to find God and to find meaning in life. We pray for them as they persevere in their journey with the next step – the Rite of Acceptance. May God help us all!