Most of us can probably do with a greater dose of FAITH so that under all circumstances we will remain steadfast and never waver. Angus, the main character in the movie ‘FAITH Like Potatoes’ was able to place his trust in God even when the whole world seemed to be against him, and all the odds were not in his favour. He did not have it good all the time. There were calamities including a death in a freak accident. Yet, through it all, as one watches the hand of God upon Angus and the people in the movie, we understand better that it is when all seems bleak that God’s glory shines greatly. . . it helps us who have so little FAITH. When our FAITH  gets tested and we cling on to our Lord, counting on his mercy and providence, that is truly wonderful.

In my recent trip to China/Inner Mongolia, I had the opportunity to allow God to deepen and strengthen my FAITH.It caused me to ponder often: what would happen if my Parish Priest together with every other priest and religious in the country were imprisoned or killed? What if every Catholic church in the country closed down? What if there was no way I could get to church at all, not even to a nearby country? How then would I remain faithful? It would seem that such questions are rhetorical or even senseless since most people may say that it will never happen, and that our country allows freedom of worship. True, and thank God for that!

Not too long ago, we had a SARS crisis. Church attendance fell somewhat. People were fearful even of being contaminated. Such a situation was not easy to endure, was it? After some time, one either loses the sense of sin or one becomes lukewarm. . . How glad I was when the so called prohibition of  going to the confessional was lifted. In a country so blessed without major natural disasters, one can easily grow careless and fail to appreciate one’s many blessings. So, like Angus in the movie, we learn that it is when hope grows that miracles abound. When things seem really impossible to cope, that is the perfect time to exercise the gift of FAITH and see miracles happen!