In moments like these

 I was never tired of looking out at such scenes. So the long bus journeys during our trip never proved to be too challenging. In fact, most of us took it in good spirit. See how we were all preoccupied. . . most were catching up on beauty sleep, some were reading, some were journalling on their iphones, some were snoring because they stayed up to watch football, and others munched snacks, cracked jokes, listened to music (like Mike sitting just behind me and my partner) or like me, took time to pray the rosary and to day dream. It would  be during such times of reflection as these when our Lord would inspire and fill my soul with his love.  Many were the moments when I would, with gratitude, think of the good ness of our Lord. He chose 25 of us out of more than 200 persons who received the invitation. Is that not something?