Faith in action

A memorable incident took place at a posh restaurant, where we were treated to yet another sumptuous meal. However, more than the good food, we shared a moment of God’s grace being lavished on one of our drivers. This man was sick. He looked really miserable and he was in pain. We could not help him. What could we do?

Then, recalling that sometimes our Lord works wonders through the faith of others, I suggested to Fr Anthony who was with us at the same table that he prayed over the driver. His permission was sought. The driver hesitated for a moment but his Catholic friend and colleague said something to him in their own language and so the sick man nodded his head. Fr Anthony, bless him, stretched out his hand and said a prayer. The rest of us, in faith, joined in silent prayer. Some of us prayed in tongues. Everything was over in a very short time.

When our food started to arrive, we began to eat. All of a sudden, the man whom we had prayed for flashed us all a smile. He lifted up  his glass of water and said loudly, ‘Cheers! I’m well! I’m well! ‘ Praise the Lord! We rejoiced with him. He seemed so different that we could only attribute the transformation to our gracious Lord.

This incident made me think of the four men in the Gospel. Not being able to reach Jesus, the Divine Healer, these four men removed a part of the roof and lowered the sick man on a stretcher so that he landed at the Lord’s feet. The rest is great news! Our Lord healed the man. Our Lord also forgave him all his sins.

Praise the Lord! Talk about Ignatian spirituality – truly we were given the grace to find God in all things!