Meat, meat and more meat

One of the most memorable meals was at a popular joint. We were given a real treat of meat, meat and more meat. This place is famous for beef, and upon entry into the restaurant which was very well patronised, we could see that beef was a specialty. I personally have never been treated to such a lot of delicately sliced pieces of beef and mutton. Besides these, we were given fresh vegetables. The photo shows the priests, our driver and our fellow pilgrims tucking in happily. We thoroughly enjoyed this hearty meal, courtesy of our host-priest who was so happy to have us with him. Praise God for the fine hospitality in so many places that we visited!

I have to confess that many of us enjoyed this pilgrimage so much partly because our stomachs were also well taken care of. We were nourished not only spiritually but physically as well. Thank God that we could see beyond all the materialism and remain grateful for all, especially the gift of Faith. Praise God!