All things are passing

All things are passing. . . This is a wonderful saying that we associate with St Teresa of Avila whose Feast Day will be on 15 October. My last entry ‘Sigh’ was described as ‘heavy hearted’and indeed, it was. But things are different today. All things are passing. Be not afraid. . .

Gratitude fills my heart as I make an examen of this day. What can I thank God for? Plenty! But you will say: give me just one key item, and I will say: meeting up with an old friend. Just fancy that – we had not met for about 25 years, and today we were together, sharing our lives and chit chatting as if we had never separated from each other. Age separates us – we are about twenty years apart – but our recollection of good times spent and the  affection  we have for each other connects us. 

To say that this was nothing unusual is not to acknowledge that it was a rare occasion, and since I know that nothing happens by accident, I wish to thank our Lord. I gazed upon my young friend, admiring the radiance on her  face. Time is still on her side and she is beautiful, like a flower in full bloom. Her gentleness and her feminity are appealing traits too. May God be praised!

Yes, today two women allowed the hand of God to place them in each other’s paths again. Two women met. They spoke of many things under the sun. They spoke of the past, recalling moments shared. They spoke of the present. They spoke of many issues and yet, one realises that they have but covered a fraction of what they have both experienced through the years. Still, the meeting was good.

Will it be the last? No one knows. Suffice it to say, one must be grateful for blessings freely given. Thank you, O Lord, God of surprises!