Revisiting a place to remember

Sometimes  it is a good idea to revisit places that have meant a great deal – memories of activities, people, experiences and so on. I can certainly remember much about a particular church where I  had spent so many hours in spiritual activities. I was a new convert to the faith and so it was a place that taught me much.  Yet, let me be quick to add that no one can outdo our Lord in generosity and so, though I invested much in material terms, I harvested even more in terms of spiritual gains. Surely it was not a calculated risk and definitely it was not a deliberate investment of any sort. Those things were far from my mind. So how did it happen? The grace of God!

 So it was with much joy that  I recently went church visiting with a priest from Burma. He had come a long time ago and it was only by God’s grace that he could once more visit us in this country. About twelve years ago, Fr had come to attend a retreat but twelve years later, he is himself a retreat master. This time, the Father’s business had brought him to this part of the world and as he had requested church visiting, I happily agreed to do the honour.

I must say that we did not consciously plan the churches we would visit. Rather, we sometimes had to make adjustments to our plans because we missed getting off at designated bus stops.  We took it all in good spirit, anyhow, and since we had prayed for guidance, we allowed the good Lord to direct. He did, and in the end we visited and prayed at seven lovely places of worship where we could each spend  quiet time with our Lord. It was truly a grace!

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast Day of the three Archangels – Michael, Gabriel and Raphael – and so I shall post photos of the Church of St Michael where I served in a prayer group for several years. Those were the days. . . how did one find the energy to go there for daily mass and intercessory prayers? Where did one find the grace to have night vigils twice a month, adoring our Lord and interceding for the church at large? Amazing! Just to think of those days boggles my mind, and so I can only conclude: With God all things are possible! May God be praised!