Our Lady of Lourdes

I wonder if I will ever be able to take the Lourdes bath in France – so many people have done so. Many also have received graces for various needs. I recall how a family, whose son had joined the seminary for a short while, had lost him in an accident. All their hopes seemed to have been shattered. The parents were naturally heart broken. Later on, they made a pilgrimage to Europe and it brought them to Lourdes in France. Sitting in front of the grotto where our Lady had appeared to St Bernadette years ago, the man could only weep.  He was still questioning about the death of his elder son. As he prayed,  he seemed to sense our Lady telling him how much she could understand his sorrow. Did She not know? She whose sinless Son was tortured, suffered and died to save us wretched sinners? My friend told me that he could not stop weeping but at the end of his time of prayer, there remained deep peace and acceptance. He had been healed. He could lift his head high and go on living without his son. Today he continues to praise God. . . Praise Him!

The Church of our Lady of Lourdes is a beautiful church; it was one of the seven that I visited recently, and even though it is not the original one in France, it is equally worth visiting. As one can see, it is an old church that the government is helping to preserve. The church has a floating population with migrants from various countries. It is vibrant and in the day there is also the lunch time mass. See how much effort had been put into creating the floral arrangement. As I write this, the flowers would have wilted and certainly they would have  been disposed. But the act of love remains and that is what counts.