Er Shi Si Qing Di -Church of the Immaculate Heart

A memorable visit – this is what we enjoyed. It was a time to celebrate. The parish priest Fr Chen Jian Hua was celebrating ten years of his priesthood. We arrived amidst the sound of drums and other musical instruments. It seemed as if the whole parish had gathered there. It would certainly be difficult not to find this parish so outstanding – the mobilisation of young and old alike to come and rejoice with us in the Lord. There was the unusual statue of our Lady of Mongolia standing tall amidst flowers in a carefully planned area. The children were there with their smiles and giggles, amazed to see visitors of the same race as them. There was also the little room where church treasures such as old chasubles, albs, chalices and crucifixes had been preserved for future generations. It certainly was a loud statement in appreciation of what  the CICM missionaries had done for this area. . . Enjoy!