More to share on Church of Immaculate Conception

Faith – one has to nurture it, and when times are bad it is even more crucial. Look then to the photos shown and see the faith of the Christians. . .see what legacy has been handed down to them. I was personally moved by a photo on the wall that showed Catholics celebrating their first Christmas mass.  The Saviour of the world has come! Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to all people of good will. The photo reminds me that I have to cherish my faith. Yes, nothing will prevail against the church, but have we the faith to believe and to hold on, in good times and in bad times as well?

Walking about the little room that housed relics from of old, one could also sense the pride of our brothers and sisters in Christ. One keeps and one cherishes treasures of the church because one desires to pass them on to future generations.  How we in our country with freedom of worship must continually thank God for the grace.

Truly at this church one senses too the strong virtue of gratitude for CICM missionaries who braved all circumstances so that the Good News might  be preached to the ends of the earth. This was one of the places many of us felt really moved. It is evident that our fellow brothers and sisters love the Lord . . . May they continue to enjoy the freedom of worshipping our Lord! Enjoy!