Count your blessings

 I have not personally met many people who have lost a limb, but there are two who deserve special mention. One is a priest who took it all in his stride when he was told that he needed to have his leg amputated. He had been involved in an accident. When his wound would not heal, he wondered about it and asked some questions. Then he sought a second opinion and promptly made up his mind to have the limb amputated. He wanted to get on with his life. He had been lying in bed for too many months. Today he counts his blessings. When I commented on his cheerfulness, he was quick to point out to me that he had encountered a young man who did not have both arms.

The photo you see here is of a Chinese man whom we met in one of the many churches we visited. I did not speak to him. But I saw him mingling with us as if it was the most natural thing to do. There is no self pity. There is no anger. Perhaps all that hurt in the beginning and all that was frustrating to handle have all been resolved. See that wave of the hand. Life goes on. Yes, life goes on, and we have many blessings to thank God for.

Of course, I need not mention the famous Christian born without hands or legs. Who could sustain his joyful spirit? Who else but our Lord. No matter how tough the going gets, the tough Christian will get going, and for that we can all certainly say THANK GOD!