Cathedral of St Francis Xavier, Xian

Francis Xavier, the saint known to many here in Asia, will have his  Feast day  celebrated on 3rd December, and rightly so. He is a well loved saint, like all the others. Sometimes I wonder if I have a small ‘problem’ with this. What is my ‘problem’? I love every one of the saints. It is so difficult to pray to one and not turn to another. In my daily prayers I always invoke the saints family members are named after. . . but I find that it is not good enough. So I add on and the more I do that, the more I find myself invoking more and more saints. This morning in church I saw someone praying to St Jude. He was one of the first I prayed to. I even wrote to the Church in Canada, offering  masses for the conversion of my mother. Well, she did get baptised. But I have not been praying much to St Jude these days – his help is sought  when I say ‘and all the saints in heaven’. Human thinking does not help much here. I am certain St Jude does not mind and to him it would  be ‘To God be the glory!’ Thank you, St Jude. Thank God for the communion of saints in the Catholic Church, an article of faith in our Creed.