The Samaritan Woman

The many years of my life – every encounter with you, known or unknown.

You have been there but I knew you not.

I was blind. I did not see you. Deaf, so I did not hear you.

But, one day, you called me out of darkness.

Your light shone brightly, brightly, brightly and you came to me, offering me a drink from your well.

Lord, thank you . . . it has been a joy, a challenge, a marvellous experience of sorts, being with you, you who know me well, you who love me deeply. . .

I praise and thank you the day you broke my deafness and I could hear you speak to me your words of love.

Be Mine. Be Mine. Be Mine.

You have called and I have answered. I have answered, my God.

I am here. All yours. All yours, dead or alive, now and forever.

My God, I trust in you. I thank you for leading me.

You are my well and you are my source of living water.

I will never thirst again.

It is you who fills me each day as I come to draw LIVING WATER.

Be praised, my God. Be praised, my Jesus.

Here I am, looking towards you, drinking – refreshed, renewed, recharged,  made totally new day by day.

Mould me to be the kind of woman you want me to be, my God. Amen.