Following the Way

Yes, one has to make sure that one follows the right person. There is no fear when one knows who one is following. This calls for vigilance. This calls for knowledge of the truth. Otherwise, one might tread along broad highways and end up somewhere else. For us it has to be the narrow path where few wish to go for this is not an easy road. Jesus has said that if anyone wants to follow Him, one has to take up one’s cross daily and follow Him. This reminds me of a beautiful heart-stirring hymn which we all sang at the funeral mass of a faithful servant of God, a 98 year old lady named Anna.

The Lord is my Shepherd and I want to follow. Wherever He leads me,  wherever He goes. 

 His is the Voice we need to hear,  and if we belong to Him, we need only to follow for He is the Way, the Life and the Truth! Praise God!