To see a sunflower is for me to recall some memories. . . of the artist Van Gogh who lived with such passion, such fervour… who loved his art and pursued that gift with all the enthusiasm his heart could possibly hold. We would be poorer without the gift of this modern artist who showed us how to see beauty in the ordinary things of life. Poor, with little money, he saw beauty in the people, nature and he painted them all. ‘Lust for Life’ is the title of a book which someone wrote of Vincent. ‘Vincent’ is the title of a song someone composed to speak of this much misunderstood artist. Perhaps we need not speculate. His life has been returned to the Lord of mercy and compassion, and that alone suffices.

To behold this sunflower is also to remember that we live for the glory of the One who made us. Let us bloom where we have been planted! Praise God!

And always, to see a flower is for me a reminder that life is fragile. Life on earth is short lived. A flower blooms to day and by evening it withers and dies. But it is fine. All life comes from God and to him we will return. May we have the grace to do so peacefully.