Moments of truth

In a week, I made four visits to a government hospital. Each visit brought some new thoughts. Each visit also gave me opportunities to speak with friends working at the hospital. I came away with a grateful heart, and I thanked God for the vocation of nursing and care giving.

With my friend who works in the radiology department, I was able to speak of the patients who were in their dying moments. A moment of truth hits the patient. I am not going to make it. I have no control over my life. For a lay person it is bad enough since no one is a machine; all of us have blood coursing through our veins and arteries. But for a medical doctor, the truth is harder to accept. No matter what expertise one has, the Author of Life is God, not the medical practitioner. So it is always humbling when one faces one’s mortality and knows that the end is near.

My friend said that it was good that Dr Richard Teo, whose testimony is being read by thousands of people, was able to go in peace. He learnt to accept and to let go. The grace of his baptism was there. Once a person is baptised, the person is marked with the sign of the cross for life.  The mark is indelible. The baptised person is a child of God, and God, who is faithful and infinitely merciful, is all ready to embrace the lost sheep again. No matter that it was twenty years since one even considered living out one’s baptismal vows. No matter that at the last moment, the truth hits home and one realises that it is time to go Home to one’s maker. Praise God!