Flying with wordpress

I am just looking back in time, and I must admit that I am rather surprised that I should have persevered till now. I remember a time when I was considering seriously to delete all that I had written and to just give up blogging. Somehow, though, it did not happen and I guess I have to thank God for the grace.

It has been more than three years and I have covered a number of topics, ranging from the serious ones of faith and morals, social justice and values in life to the more frivolous ones like what I eat and the more mundane things of life.But I have enjoyed it all, if only it was for a short while. Since I write spontaneously without any serious planning, I have found it quite a breeze. After all, these are but the thoughts of an ordinary person, not some philosopher or professor in a university or a theologian in the Church.

 It has  been a time of recollection. I have enjoyed recalling moments in life. It has also been a time of reflection. A time of grateful acknowledgment for the kindness  shown me. Also, I have to add that it has allowed me to give vent to what I needed to say. A platform to defend what is close to my heart especially my beliefs, my dreams and my aspirations.

Yes, I have to thank wordpress – all you folks out there – for making it possible for me to do this free of charge. Thank you! I know there are many of you. I have seen your photograph. I have read some of your tutorials. I am proud to be associated with wordpress blogs.

I don’t know if I will go on writing in the years ahead. But I do hope so. One day, when I no longer write, take it that I have gone home to rest for good. What happens then? I wonder. Any answers?