Dreams for the new year

How quickly the days are flying by. . . and soon the year 2012 will be over and a new year will dawn on us. 2013. Will we enter this year, and if so, with what expectations and with what dreams?

Life is a journey, after all, and dreams along the way help to propel one to move along more smoothly. However, the dreams need to be good ones and they need to help one grow positively. Dreams to accummulate, to hoard, to gather more for oneself are not very useful; they kill, in fact. All creativity gets stifled the minute one looks inward. So the dreams that one has must necessarily be the ones that seek to reach out to others, to the world, to the ones who have nothing or little.

I am already dreaming. I am dreaming of a day when all mankind will come to know their Creator and acknowledge Him as Lord. When this day comes, all earth will rejoice. I see the need to keep dreaming this dream and the way to do it is also to lift it up to the Creator. He will help me to make it come true. I need only begin in a small way with what I can do in my own life, in the circumstances that occur where I am. If each person with a similar dream like mine were to do the same, very soon our small dreams will become one big dream. We can share what we want, can we not?