Mary Mother of God

O Mother, we come to you and place our trust in you. Pray for us. Pray for the world.

This night I am filled with a sense of Melancholia. . . not all things are right in this world.

Sad news prevail. Bad forecasts have been given. Unemployment. Health care costs are ridiculously high. Marriages do not last.

Yes, there seems to be just bad news.

But Mother, I am not going to focus on the bad news. I have handed them over to you.

Now my eyes are on your beautiful face. You look at us and you just love us.

You love us in our struggles. You love us in our pain.

You also love us as we run to you, confident that you will intercede for us most powerfully.

Dearest Mother, in a Thanksgiving Mass this night, I  heard about the shepherds who hurried to adore our Lord Jesus.

He is Emmanuel, God with us. So we too desire to run to Him and fix our eyes on Him.

May we have the simplicity and the spontaneity to do so. We hurry, we hasten, we want to see Jesus!

We want to adore the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Abba Father, we cry out to you, confident that you hear us. We run to you, and you open your arms to embrace us.

We are your children. We need your love, your peace, your joy.

Abbe Father, we love you!