Prayer for PEACE

If anything at all, we need to pray for PEACE on the first day of January.

It is disturbing to say the least that we have been bombarded by bad news mostly.

The Good News is that Christ has come to save us.

The bad news is that we are not listening.

Fancy news being blocked by social media so that not many will get to know about it.

Sad indeed that with all the advances made we are still living in an era that sees brutality as a part of life.

Sad too that many of those who are able to help do nothing much, or do absolutely nothing at all, to save the plight of victims.

Sad. sad. really sad.

Lord, have mercy. We will have much to answer for when you come again.

Lord, be merciful to us sinners. When one person sins, all others are affected for we are the Body of Christ.

Lord, have mercy. We are not going to be held responsible, in a way, but only if we speak up.

What happens then when those who are able to help the voiceless do nothing but only try to save their own skins?

Lord, have mercy!