A time to share

There is a time for everything. There is a time for me to share with my niece, twenty years younger than I am. Just fancy that!

There was a time when our interests were so different. She was just a baby for whom I had no time. Then she was a child while I was growing up and preoccupied with my own interests.

But now we are both adults. The time is just right. The circumstances are ideal.  It is a time of discovery. So many questions needed to be answered.

We have so much in common.  Being on the same wave length enables us to converse freely. Praise God!

It was totally unplanned – this long meeting with an exchange of information, dreams, hopes.

I am  grateful for a prayer answered. I had asked for a chance to share.  It is the best time when one meets another face to face. It gives me time to give full attention to the one I am with. My lovely niece was interested to find out some things she could not have known since she was very young then. The death of my grandparents before she was even born, for example.

So our meeting simply went on and on and on. Yes, it was meant to be a date for lunch. But time went by and then we had tea . . . A bowl  of almond paste each. She said that she could make a better bowl for me. My sister is an excellent cook and her daughter had acquired the skills.

But all good things have to come to an end. We had other matters to attend to. So we parted after sharing for three hours!

Thank God for the way opened. Thank God for the chance to share my faith.  Today I learnt that I had been under observation and praise God, I did not fare too badly. God is all important. My faith is strong. How does one measure all that? Search me. The one who has not come to believe looks out for certain signs. So I went away from the meeting with a reminder for myself that I need to continue being an authentic witness.