When the going gets tough

Interestingly this is a familiar phrase – when the going gets tough. So what happens? Persevere, says the optimist. Plod on, says the one who still has the strength to do so. What about us? It all depends on what the issue is, perhaps. I am in the midst of climbing a mountain with a group of young people. The moutain is the faith journey. So many at this time are on the way and they, if I may say so, are going through tough terrain.

I recall my own faith journey and thank God for having brought me thus far. I am still on the way. I am still plodding on. Praise God!

Whenever I recall the time I was struggling, and it was in the initial stage after my conversion, I had to struggle with many issues. Being a neophyte then, I found myself thrown into the deep end of a pool. There was no question of not trying to stay afloat. There was no question of not trying to seek help and yet, that was the hardest part. It seemed easier to just give up.

And I have to confess that that was exactly what I said aloud to a priest. He was unruffled. All he did was to point me to a short passage in scripture and advised me to read and reflect. What were the words of God?

Luke 9:57 – 62 – Hardships of the apostolic calling

What touched me then, and these words are still in my heart today, is verse 62 itself: Jesus said to him, ‘Once the hand is laid on the plough, no one who looks  back is fit for the kingdom of God.’

I like to give this sharing to my youth group. Plod on. Persevere. It is worth it. Fight the good fight. Seek the grace and it will be given to you. Praise God!