But for the grace of God. . .

It was with horror that I looked at the alarm clock this morning. 5.30 a.m. Oh no! At this hour I should have already left home to get to the bus stop about ten minutes away. The bus would come at a quarter to six and that bus would take me to the church in about fifteen minutes or so. So I did my best and calmly walked to the bus stop. It was almost six.

To my disappointment I saw the signboard indicating that the next bus that I could take would come only fifteen minutes later. I am going to be late. I should perhaps take a taxi. Thoughts were running through my mind as I considered the option. At the most I would miss praying the rosary at  six thirty.

Then a bus came, and I simply hopped into it to get to another bus stop where I would have more choices to take to my destination. About three stops later,  it was  time for me to get off. What did I see? The bus I usually take was just in front of the bus from which I was going to alight. I could hardly believe my eyes. Perhaps this is another bus. But no, this was my usual bus!

A commuter I know expressed surprise that I had got up at a different bus stop. I could only smile. “I was late today!” How could this have been possible? Praise the Lord! After a few minutes I arrived at the church at the same time, not a minute later than usual. . . It was not even six fifteen!

But for the grace of God, where would I  be? It seemed like I had had angels sent to carry me safely to my destination. Just think about that! Amazing grace indeed!

Later on I had the chance to share with two friends who listened intently. How marvellous are the ways of God! I could not afford to miss the first mass as I had another appointment to keep in the morning. Who made it possible for me not to miss my appointments? The good Lord!

Praise and thanks to you, my Lord! Your grace is sufficient for me. Nothing is too difficult for you. It is not important if I understand how it happened. It is enough that I am grateful and so this is my testimony. Praise God!