The power of God’s Word

 We are blessed.

We are literate. We are able to read and write.

We are blessed.

We have the Word of God. We understand.

We obey. We cherish God’s Word.

We seek to follow the Lord by listening to him.

We are also given the grace to trust and to never stop hoping that God’s Word must and will fulfill what He wants to do.

So we are blessed.

We are enriched.

I will never forget the words from the Gospel of St John Chapter 14.

It was the year 1993. I had just been converted. My mother had just gone Home to her eternal rest. I was with my nephew, a young man of 19. He was the first Christian in the family.

On a particular afternoon, we were both at a prayer group meeting. The nun who was leading the service placed the Bible in my hands and asked me to read a few lines so we could all be nourished.

Being new to the faith, I handed the Bible to my nephew Michael. He turned the pages and then,  with great confidence, he read the first few lines from St John’s Gospel.

The words, so meaningful and so encouraging, touched my heart.

I trembled just to hear them.

Such beautiful words and they are all true.

Today these words continue to remain in  my heart. Trust in God. Trust in Jesus. Let nothing trouble you.