Like a thief in the night

There are many things that we know in our heads but which we never or hardly care to bring down to the depths of our hearts. Tonight I am thinking of Sister Death. Yes, that is how St Francis of Assisi called our final end, at least, for most of us . . . since our Lord may come while many are still alive on earth.

Sister Death can come any time. Like a thief in the night – unexpectedly. She can come in the most unforeseen way too. And she did – today – to a church friend. My friend’s husband apparently had a heart attack and went right home to the Lord. This was how it happened to another friend’s husband. It happened in the early hours of the morning. There was only time for a quick cry to the Judge of the dead and the living.

This day we pray for the souls of those in purgatory. It is the eighth day of the Novena to the Divine Mercy. This was the day my mother went home to the Lord. In her case she had some time to prepare, and I was blessed to know that it would be on Friday that she would return to our Lord. She did – on 16 April twenty  years ago.

That brings me to my 20th year as a Catholic, and a very joyful one. I am grateful. One thing matters – that one lives the way one has been called to do so, and in that way no thief can come and steal one’s soul away. When it happens, it will be a day of HomeComing. It will be a day to look forward to. It will be joy forever with the One Who loved us first. Amen.