The Divine Mercy Chaplet

It  happened again yesterday afternoon. We prayed before our sister who was dying of cancer. With faith in the goodness of our loving God, we recited the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and  we were full of trust that it would be as Jesus has promised through the nun in Poland, St Faustina. Our chaplet was followed by the official rite of  final anointing and prayers by a priest. About four hours later, the news came that the lady had passed peacefully from this life to the next. Laid to rest, her soul has been summoned to the eternal reward prepared for her since the foundation of the world. How marvellous!

Years ago, a few of us had been asked by one of our sisters in Christ to go and pray for her. She had been admitted to the hospital for a second operation. This time her chances of recovery were slim but in her state of mind, she had agreed to the operation. Boldly she had taken the risk. At her bed side we knelt and I remember chanting the chaplet three times. The hospital was then also undergoing a bit of renovation. It seemed to me that our voices were struggling to rise above the din. Praise God that He heard our pleas. That night the Lord invited our sister in Christ to return to her eternal reward.

And twenty years ago, on the morning of this very day, 16 April, I had also prayed all alone by the bed side of my dying mother. It was before nine in the morning. I had come as soon as the morning Eucharist had been celebrated. When I had completed my chaplet, I saw my dear mother wave her arm. It was a great gesture to bid me farewell till we meet again. Praise God!

If ever there is a prayer we can all say, it surely has to be as simple as these five words: Jesus, I trust in You!

Simple faith. That is all our Lord asks from us. Total trust. And why not, since He is our God of mercy and compassion.

Jesus, I trust in You!