Follow your heart

I have often said this to some people: Follow your heart. Hopefully the person’s heart is in place. I spent two days trying to follow my heart and finally I gave an answer that was due. I had had another invitation to a pilgrimage. It was a place I thought I wanted to go years ago. I did make an attempt to sign up once but there were not enough people and so the trip was cancelled.

The invitation this time was totally unexpected. I prayed. I thought about it. I spoke to a couple of people who had been there more than once. I prayed some more. I thought about it. I weighed the pros and the cons. I asked myself what  it was that I could possibly benefit from the trip – spiritually. What was I seeking? Is it meant for me?

It sure was a long time before I finally made up my mind. To and fro my thoughts went. Ding dong ding dong like a bell gone crazy. But it was not so difficult really. I needed only to listen to my heart, and I had the answer there. Yet, it was essential that I took time to discern and to pray. Now I am at peace. The answer has been given. I am clear. Praise God!

There was a time when I came to a conclusion. This is a beautiful world. Earth has many lovely spots. There are gorgeous scenes that would take one’s breath away. But no one can see them all. Even if one were to say that one had seen many parts of the world, still it would not be true. What about those of us who have not the means to see even a few countries? Would that mean we have been deprived?

Not at all. There is no need to see everything. It is enough to be contented with what one can see and be happy about it. A journey, after all, is just one journey in one’s lifetime. Our final destination is not  any place on earth. It is our Eternal Home. That is where we should be heading. So let it be. Let it be. Praise God!