What happens after death?

A man is mourning. His children ask: “ What happens when we die?”

The man replies: “Nothing. It’s just like a lamp put out.” (The children cry un-consolably)


His girlfriend tries to cheer the children up: “ There are  lots of candies in heaven, clouds, etc.”


The man cuts in: “If you want to be treated as adults, here’s the truth:  when a person dies, he becomes nothing.” ( The children cry again)


“and you know what happen to the people who promise you  that they will remember you forever ?”

The children stop crying, their eyes open and curious.

He continues, “They will die too! Into nothing!” (The children cry even lauder)

(Maniacal Laughter).

The End.

The above script could be shown on social media with the aim of misleading people into falsehood. Yes, the laughter one hears is that of the maniac, the mad ones who no longer can think straight. It is eerie, to say the least, when one is confronted with the unthinking senseless mind.

Life is definitely not going to disappear into nothingness. One has to face the Judge of the Dead and the Living, our Lord Jesus Christ, and give an account of our lives on earth. This is a reminder we never stop hearing, whether it is from St Paul or from our Lord Jesus Himself. In both the Old and the New Testaments, we read of such matters, and these are matters no one could possibly laugh at. It makes me shudder to think of the millions who live as if their lives on earth will end and disappear into nothingness. Lord, have mercy!