Communications Sunday

It seems weird to be saying this, but it is true – as much as I can make myself mean it, and I do. I am thinking of all the blogs. Each blogger tries to do what can be done. Some do it to make money. Some do it for fun, meaning to say that monetary benefits don’t count as one of the main reasons for blogging in the first place.

Such thoughts are coming in as we see the way they are serving the world. And tomorrow the Church here remembers those who use social media for evangelisation. So where do bloggers come in? Where do I come in? For sure I know that it was through one of the blogs that an important connection was made. What about others? Will there be more? Who is to know?

As of now, let it be then. . . we know not too many things. What we do know is that the message must come across right. Right here means acceptable as truth. Truth here means just that – TRUTH. It has been said that half-truths are more dangerous than outright lies. How true!

So, the final thought to take can be: Who are we speaking to when we blog? What intentions lie within our hearts?