Vocations and vocations

Tomorrow a Deacon I know gets ordained. It has been a long wait. . . more than a decade surely.
But first, listen to this conversation:
Mother: My son is a little slow. He would need more time before he gets ordained.
Priest: So, what have you in mind?
Mother: Try and see if you can get him into a seminary that takes the longest time.
Priest: I’m afraid you have got it all wrong, madam. Your son may not qualify for the religious order that takes the most number of years. That order takes the bright ones, the one the Holy Father Francis belongs to. . .

Yes, that is a joke, but it is also a misconception. Perhaps this is linked to the school system. Take a longer time because you are not so fast. You need more coaching.

Jokes aside, our deacon to be ordained is a smart young man, a professional doing a fine job in the world. But the Lord called him and he walked away from all that is worldly to give his life to the Lord and to the Church. We are going to be blessed with the ordination of a Jesuit. Praise God for another young man who has joined the priesthood. Praise God for Deacon S.