And the lift simply opened

Last weekend I heard an interesting homily. It was the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. Instead of trying to explain, the preacher decided that it would be preferable to share his own encounters and God experiences. And so he did, in a way that was both entertaining and uplifting. Here is one episode –

One morning the priest went into the lift as he usually would do, in order to get to the church to celebrate Holy Mass. That morning the lift had a problem, and he found himself trapped in it. Try as he would, he got no response and nothing seemed to work. Good priest that he tries to be, he started to pray. . . .

He could have said something to this effect: Father God, I am trapped in this lift. The door won’t open. I have tried the alarm as well but no one is coming to rescue me. Your children are waiting in the church for me to celebrate the morning mass. It is almost time. If you want me to celebrate the mass, please open the door of the lift so I can get out. If not, let me sleep in this lift till rescue comes.

The lift door opened. The priest went hurriedly to the church. The sacristan asked him what had happened. He had been calling him on the phone. Where was he? Why was he so late?

Quickly, the priest explained that he had been trapped in the lift, and that a miracle had happened. His prayer over the lift had been answered. He had always prayed over people but never over matter. So that was quite a new experience. The priest then added that if he could pray over stones and turn them to gold, he would not need to come and seek for funds to build our Lady’s shrine. Praise the Lord!

The priest was none other than the Redemptorist priest Fr Simon Tan!