For what do you hunger?

P1100136rA sample of the food we enjoyed and especially at our favourite restaurant – Viktor’s. Viktor himself is always smiling and saying ‘thank you’. He is the perfect host, always welcoming his customers with a smile. Many seem to be regulars and in our short stay we found ourselves going to this same food joint more than once too. The helpings were big but we seemed to have been blessed with a hearty appetite. I would not have been able to eat such huge portions if we did not have to burn the calories with all the walking. An afterthought: this is a trip best undertaken when one is physically strong and healthy. But I have to add that there were a few who came in their wheel chairs too!


This shows our usual spread for breakfast at the motel we were staying in. Fresh  bread. Scrambled eggs. Fragrant apricot jam and thin slices of cheese and ham. Hot coffee. These were some of the foods I enjoyed and I praise God for them.

Our times for meals were also moments of sharing. Here are  two ladies engrossed in the mission they have been entrusted with – to spread the message of the place where our Lady has been appearing to coach her children to put right what is not and to put into practice what is necessary. At this point in time, I feel certain that each of us will remain mindful of what has been given each of us. All vocations are unique, and so our missions too will be personal to each of us. May God be praised!



Delicious as the foods we sampled turned out to be, I was preparing for the food that will last. Jesus says to labour for what will endure. And so the focus of the journey was also very much on the spiritual. Still, human as we are, we had to eat and eat we did, to our content and happiness. . . until the time for the next meal came along, for this is only earthly food, food that cannot last.

The question then is: For what do you hunger?