P1110964tOur Faith Art session on Sat 20 July 2013 was a  roaring success. Thanks be to God! To God be all the glory, honour, thanks and praise!

I have selected my favourites and they are mostly from the young ones and the young at heart. The first is by a 14 year old girl who confidently took the task at hand, and went on to paint what constituted the chief concerns in her life. Over all her concerns the Light of Christ shines, and so the One who takes full control of her life is none other than our Lord Jesus. Praise God!

P1110974tThe words  of the second piece resonates with me. Surely, in the winter of my life, I too yearn like the deer for running streams, and I too yearn to hasten to my Beloved. I have come to behold your face not just for a moment but for all eternity. For this, we toil. For this, we labour. For this, we daily take up our crosses to follow after Him. Praise God!

P1110982rThis is a heart felt journey undertaken by a lady, still young at heart, still full of joy and certainly our friend is full of gratitude. She traced her faith journey. We can all identify with her, bent over with sin. We too have companions on the journey who help us along with a little kindness and now, like all who love our Lord, we hasten with our faces turned towards the Light. We follow our Lord! Late have we loved you, O Jesus! Praise God!


P1120014rOne of my favourites comes from an eleven year old girl. I was sitting near her and as we shared the space allotted, I was glad to observe her steadily approaching the entire exercise. There was no hesitation. With a paper plate that served as a palette, she very deftly mixed her paints, dabbled the blobs on the paper, and this went on until her work was done. What impressed me deeply was the painting of the dove, representing the Holy Spirit. The Good Shepherd with his staff looks on and the words written as part of the Art work say it all: GOD IS THERE BEHIND THE SCENES. Praise God!


P1120018tThis final one is truly great child art. Done by a young boy of about ten, the young artist has swiftly painted the sky with one confident stroke of blue. The sun shines unmistakably in lemon yellow. The green vertical strokes are representative of the boundaries of the Garden of Eden. Who should be there but the serpent! See the black squiggly line with red for the apple and for sin. Magnificently portrayed. Talk about simplicity. No attempt to mix paints. No attempt to hide the fact that sin and temptation are evident in a person’s life, young as the artist may be.  Praise God!