Love is patient

P1110736r P1110737r P1110738r P1110739r P1110740rLove is patient.  Love is kind. And so we are called to exercise love through deeds and not just through words of affirmation, encouragement etc. Here one sees clearly the love a father shows to a child. We were all waiting for one of our companions at a bus station; she was getting a bus ticket to go to Jakarta and the journey was going to be a long one.

Then we saw this father and child who suddenly appeared. Oblivious of all that was happening. the father only had one concern, and that was to feed the child her food. One spoonful after another went into the child’s mouth, and never at any moment did he lose his patience or wanted to rush her into eating quickly. We all observed the scene with much joy in our hearts. How can one not be joyful when one sees such a loving demonstration of the love of a father for his child?

And when an earthly father can demonstrate such love, we also know that God our Heavenly Father has done the ultimate act of love – sending us His Son Jesus to save us from sin and death. Praise God!