Breaking out of the routine

027r 028r It pays to make some sacrifice. What kind? Getting up early to take pictures one normally would not take. They say that is the unearthly hour. But this photographer was enthusiastic enough to do that – get up at an unearthly hour. It is hard to imagine that our little island is getting more and more beautiful. I am amazed, just looking at these pictures. If I had not been informed, I would not have been able to guess. The photos were taken before dawn and as day broke, the sky got lighter and more could be seen. Each moment is beautiful, is it not? Praise the Lord!

Is life not like that for most people? We go through the usual routine daily and we hardly take time to do the unusual by breaking out of our routine. I confess that I am happy with my routine. To get up at an unearthly hour to take such photos would not be my cup of  tea. I recall staying within the four walls of the retreat centre when I made my long retreat. There was no desire to walk out even once. I was content to move from my room to the chapel, to the dining room for my meals and to the garden within. Not once did I have the desire to move out of the grounds. Certainly, one can say that God’s grace is sufficient for me! 029r 030r 031r 032r 033r 034r 035r013r 015r 016r 017r 018r 020r 022r 023r 024r010r