How wonderful are your works, O Lord!

013Reduced 014r 015reduced 017reduced 019r P1070045r P1080393r P1110123f P1110768rOne marvels at the works of God. One sees that in everything in nature, God has left his trademark.  All bear God’s fingerprints. Each is unique. Yet, we also know that there are lots and lots of others belonging to the same group. Amazing. Mind boggling. But this is what the Master Creator can do, and he has done it. No two silky terriers are alike, no two cockatoos, no two snails, even though one may see lots of similarities. 

When I surrendered two of my dogs years ago, I thought I continued to see them everywhere. But they were not my dogs, of course.  And if we marvel at animals, what about people? Consider one’s looks and then thank God for there can be only one person with all the features the way they have been created. Amazing but true. Does this not make one want to shout out loud and rejoice? We have indeed been fearfully and wonderfully made! Praise God!