Spectacular Flamingos

016reducedI remember being at Lake Nakuru, Kenya, and we were all hoping to see the flamingos. What I did not know then is that there are MILLIONS of such birds there! Oh wow, what did I miss? How did we miss the birds? Our vehicle got stuck in the mud. Rescue came in the form of many local men and  by the time we had got ourselves out of the rut, it was too late to continue. We never had the chance to go back to that part of the country.

The year was 1998. I had gone to Kenya for the first time on what a missionary priest termed, an ‘appetiser’, and with me were a few others. After that first memorable trip with lots of obstacles to overcome, I made two more and each one still remains fresh in my mind. I thank God for such golden opportunities of learning. Kenya was a whole new world. Praise God!

Today, in 2013, I learnt that Lake Nakuru covers only about six miles and so, for such a small area, more than two million flamingos gather there. Spectacular indeed! They feed on at least four hundred thousand pounds of food daily. Being vegetarians, they help  themselves to the blue green algae that is plentiful in the waters. Amazing! But God provides for his creatures, and He takes care of all very well indeed. Praise God!