Warm colours

022reduced 023reduced 024reduced 025rRules to follow in choosing colours? When I now think of some of the rules given when I was a learner, I just want to shake my head and smile. Patience! Patience! One  can break all the rules and still get away with one’s art. Look at this gorgeous bird. Fiery colours – all from a warm palette – chrome yellow, lemon yellow, tangerine, carmine red. . . . but balanced so beautifully with Prussian blue and some greys.

Need any rules for your next colour mixing session? Just see how our Lord the Master Creator chooses the colours. Anything goes, really. Just a matter of balance. Praise God! The more I observe nature and admire the marvellous creations, the more I stand in awe of our Mighty God and the more I want to shout out loudly his praises! How great thou art! How lovely are the works of your hands!