P1120018t P1120019r P1120020r P1120021r P1120022rI saw my two young friends a couple of days ago, and as we recalled that day when we had come together to share our faith stories through Art, I sought permission to share these photos. Without hesitation, I was told to do as I pleased. My young friends are just wonderful. Here one sees the older boy giving a brief explanation on behalf of the younger brother, the one I had voted one of my favourite artists.

As I admired his art work, I saw that it reminded me of Chinese calligraphy and art. Bold broad strokes. Confidence exuding. Simple colours. After all, in Chinese painting, one uses mostly black ink and very basic colours. Here one sees the highlight of the painting in a colour that really attracts. The sun is bright. It dispels all darkness. The sky is filled with blue clouds. What draws one’s eyes to the key note of the painting is the tree in the middle of the garden. Ah yes, we are talking about the Garden of Eden. See the snake on the branch. Squiggly line. Crooked mind. The red apple hangs. Tantalising. Ah, my young friend is speaking of the ups and downs of his faith life. It is fraught with temptation. It calls for vigilance. Praise God!

A young mind. A clean heart. An honest appraisal. A thorough soul searching to stock take. How wonderful! Sheer grace!