Fellow Bloggers

There comes a moment, and I dare say it will happen to many of us who use social media extensively, when we just sit back and marvel at the way technology has developed and now influences the way we function. Is it good? Or do we also have minus points? Well, a coin has two sides and so it all depends. It can be really good or it can bring about some pain and suffering.

We have come a long way indeed. I started as a teenager with a need to communicate, and those days it was just the in thing to wait for the post man to come by at about the same time each day. There was a time when I was writing to more than 20 people all over the world, and so I had letters almost every day. It was one of my favourite hobbies then, apart from reading and listening to pop songs on the radio. . . . Oh yes, those were the days.

Today, in 2013, my main interests remain much the same. I still love my books, and one favourite book is the Bible, the Word of God, and the rest are books that help me in my faith journey. I still write a lot and only one or two persons send snail mail. The rest are emails which are not the best way to communicate. Aside from emails, I enjoy blogging and I also enjoy reading what others write on their blogs.

Recently I discovered some blogs  written by women. They are mostly to do with journaling, and I have to admit that I did feel a sense of connection. Distance may separate us. We may not have met face to face. Yet we share topics that touch our lives and so we can dare to say that we are connected somewhat.

That is the point. Yes, the way we communicate is faster now but human as we are, our feelings will continue to play a key role. And so it is true – we can connect. Thanks for all who do so with sincerity!