A golden key

I was there in an atmosphere somewhat filled with sadness. There were no smiles. There wasn’t even any noise. It was a time of mourning and grieving. Death like a sickle had ruthlessly slaughtered a fairly young woman of less than fifty years. To be precise, she was only 46.

I was there at the funeral mass. There were many people, mostly friends of the deceased. They had heard of her sudden death. Death like a sickle had taken her through a heart attack. And someone had said that a person who suffered a heart attack could sometimes feel as if an elephant was sitting on one’s body.

I was there, praying and singing along. It was a sad scene. The young people who were singing did a good job mostly because they sang from their hearts, and their songs were for those left behind – children of the deceased. The deceased was a widow. Death like a sickle had once slaughtered the young men’s father, and now it had taken their mother too.

What more can I say? The preacher said that for us believers death is not like a sickle. It is more a golden key which opens to life everlasting. It is a golden key that leads one to a life that is not ended but changed. Yes, death is like a golden key, and each of us will receive one some day, some time. What will our key open up for us? It all depends on who hands us the key, I suppose.

Jesus who is the Life and the Resurrection will hand us the golden key to Eternal Life! Praise God!