Being free

CIMG0871CIMG0872CIMG0873CIMG0874CIMG0875CIMG0876CIMG0877CIMG0843CIMG0841CIMG0842CIMG0846CIMG0845  To be able to attend the Transitus at St Mary’s was sheer grace. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak.

BUT the grace of God is sufficient always and I ended up with a very delightful encounter. It was truly sheer grace. Consolation was given me.

The Cross is your book of  meditation.

These words need to be mine to reflect upon. The poor man of Christ, St Francis of Assisi, was there – his presence was so evident.

A family of believers. A night of prayer and fond memories.

A great saint who asked for the Gospel of St John Chapter 13 to be read. The saint who said that he had not even begun to serve the Lord.

I am writing in telegraphic sentences. My mind is full.

Ponder. Reflect. Meditate. Pray. Intercede. Keep on walking in faith.

All  these are mine. May they be for you too.

To all who love St Francis – who doesn’t? – a very Happy Feast Day to you!