Praying the rosary


The rosary has become for me a prayer that is really wonderful.   No more the senseless chanting without meditating on the mysteries of the rosary.  No more simply rushing through to complete the five decades. No more just acting like a parrot, mouthing words that make no sense because one is not focussed.

The rosary has become a prayer of the heart, leading to contemplation. With the use of scriptures one can meditate on the life of Christ, and on the role of our Lady, and even St Joseph and other people who were present, like Elizabeth, John the Baptist etc.

Using the scriptures of each mystery and fixing one’s eyes on an appropriate icon can be helpful. I had the grace to do that in my recent retreat, and it turned out to be so meaningful. It is like seeing a movie and before one’s eyes the life of Christ is slowly unveiled. Indeed, as Fr. Paul says, a retreat is a special time. Praise God!

The rosary has become one of my favourite prayers. Hail Mary. . .