Words of graciousness

Some time ago I wrote a post and I mentioned about matters that could come under the description of being ‘frivolous’. Although it was my own sense of being so foolish so often, being concerned with matters of little importance, that particular word got a dear friend of mine thinking for days. What was that word saying to her?

She pondered on the fact that her life, with all that may be considered ‘frivolous’,  are always shared with the Lord in prayer. Gifted in writing, she often journals as well, and God who knows all about her, all about us too, listens. Praise God!

My friend asked, “How then would I know what is frivolous because what sounds frivolous to me may mean a lot to that person who faces it and doesn’t yet see the full truth? Hmm . . .”

Now her sharing with me got me thinking as well. It is true that we define or label differently matters that can be said to be ‘frivolous’. But for me, it was after I had read and meditated on Job, especially chapter 40 onwards that I considered how I had actually been concerned with some frivolities. Many matters now seemed petty and not at all crucial. I had been pondering on what was facing Job and how he made his reply to our Lord. It was so humble. It was so wise too.

And, of course, I was brought back to past memories in my own life. I thought of times in the past. I also considered some of the present moments, and as I pondered more deeply, I saw the frivolity of many aspects. It seemed then that, like Job, I must quickly put my hand over my mouth and speak no more.

Consider the times when I have murmured, the times when I have expressed annoyance, the times when I have grumbled. . . . They are frivolous indeed, and I have been really foolish. What about our Lord? He spoke only words of graciousness!

Our God is a mighty God, and to count on His mercy and grace is itself His gift for me. Now I have given myself the joy of offering up Psalm 103 to our Lord as part of my daily morning prayer. Bless the Lord, my soul; let all my being, praise his holy name. Bless the Lord, my soul, and never forget all his blessings!

Yes, my dear friend is right. What is frivolous to one may not be so to another. This depends on so many factors. Perhaps, for myself, I would put anything which hinders us from a good wholesome relationship with God to be under the category of ‘frivolous’. After all, our time on our earthly pilgrimage is short and our time ought to be well spent.  But we have different faith levels and we are all striving to grow daily. My retreat experience was a moment of grace, and indeed, as my retreat master had said to me, ‘A retreat is a very special time.’

I must add that this is just my own view, written at that inspired moment when I experienced the mighty power of God and stood in awe of Him. And another hymn comes to mind. Be magnified, O Lord! Praise God!