The cocoon


I have not got over this. I have not found the time to read up more and understand what this means to me. You see a cocoon. It is still. It is not moving. The cocoon remains almost as if it has been immortalised by time, remaining as it is on the rock in the middle of the labyrinth in Seven Fountains Retreat Centre, Chiangmai, Thailand.

I had said my good bye to the cocoon on 18 October. I had to simply let it be. When will the insect gain wings and fly? What exactly is this insect?

My retreat had been focussed a great deal on stillness and silence. It led me to St Teresa of Avila’s ‘Interior Castle’ and although I have read up a little, I still need time to meditate and reflect on the actual message. Thank God for my SD who pointed me to this.

A friend went to make a retreat and she came back on 15 November. I had told her to look out for the cocoon and to take a photo of it before her return.  She did.

One sees two photos here. The first one on the left is the latest. To me it looks as if the cocoon has put on some weight. How long more will it remain? Yet another friend has just gone to the same place and although I have made the same request, I have no idea what the answer will be when she returns on 29 Nov. She also has no idea what the cocoon looks like except that I have indicated to her the location.

The second photo which shows a little of the background was the one I had taken when I was led to open my eyes to see it. It had attracted me like a magnet and for days my fascination in the exquisite creation of the hair like structure and the motionless cocoon grew by leaps and bounds.

In fact, I discovered recently that I had taken more than fifty shots of the same cocoon on different days and in different times. The photos were taken from different angles too.

But, why am I so ‘obsessed’ with this cocoon? Am I someone who studies the life cycles of moths and butterflies? No, not at all. My interest goes beyond the physical aspects. I feel strongly that there is a mystery or rather a message for me. So many people prayed at the labyrinth but remained blind to the presence of the cocoon. It was evident to me as I had to lead a companion of mine there to point it out to her.

I desire to know what the cocoon could symbolise for me in my spiritual journey. Yes, I have found out that my recent retreat, strangely Carmelite in nature, links me to the teachings of the Doctor of the Church, St Teresa of Avila. I am interested in learning more from her writings. This is what I need to find time for. I pray I will do so soon. . . . Praise God!