The waterfall

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The waterfall. The waterfall. It is the waterfall that I want to see.  I’m here. I don’t really see it now. I hear it, though. I hear the sound of water…rushing along. It seems rather noisy now that I have been used to greater silence at the retreat centre. But, listen again. The waters seem to  be saying something. Listen! Listen!

God made me. Just the way I am. Fluid. Fluid. Yet, you surely know that I can take other forms. I can come to you  in other forms too. Versatile. Dynamic. Extraordinary. There is so much beauty in the Master Creator’s works of art, and you must count me in.

Humility – that is my greatest virtue. Imitate me. Flow downwards. Flow. Go where you are led. Then you will find that it all ends in a big expanse, and then one is truly united with the rest of the world.

I can be a droplet. I can  be mist. I can come down in torrents. At the end I am still water, water with its rich symbolism. Water that cleanse. Water that fills the thirsty to make them no longer so. Water. Water. Did you say you came for the waterfall? Enjoy! Enjoy!