In Him alone is our hope


Not too many hours ago I had read an article by a young Catholic friend who had presented his own views on the topic: How relevant is God in the world today?  Thankful for his comments I decided that such an article should be shared. It would certainly provoke thoughts and perhaps bring about a lively discussion. So I shared it with whoever was keen to read it, posting it publicly. 

Somehow, I could not get the topic off my mind. So here I am to share my thoughts as well. Looking at the cover of a book I had borrowed, a book written by the late Jesuit Father Pedro Aruppe, one sees a simple but profound sentence. It says:  In Him Alone Is Our Hope.

Then my thoughts went back to the years when I was pursuing an enriching two-year course in the English Language. Peter Lugg gave us this topic:  

                        ‘God is dead.’ – Nietzsche. Comment.

Then I had no idea that it was a phrase first put into the mouth of a character in a play. Neither did I know that the German philosopher was someone who had challenged the foundations of Christianity and traditional morality. After all, I was then an unbeliever and the world with all its distractions was very much mine to play in. Still, frivolous as my life was then, I could not agree with the German man and so offered what I strongly thought about.

It must surely have been an inspiration. I saw the works of God’s hands in the beautiful world I was then frolicking in. I could not agree that God was non existent. How could  that be? Who gave me life? Is death not inevitable? Where does one end up?

 I have always known in my heart that believers and non believers will inevitably have to answer the summon of leaving this earthly life. Then what follows will be the last four things: death, judgement, heaven and hell. No one is going to escape that.

The word of God is truth and will remain forever, fulfilling what it has to accomplish. So, the reminder is that one will reap what one sows. Like it or not, one will hear the verdict.  So, is God relevant? Is he non existent?