Committed to the race

Shouldn’t the very fact that when He gave us His word, God assured us of His Presence in every moment of our life, set us off on a journey of consolation and commitment?

A journey of consolation and commitment . . . This is what we would all like to make. It should be our top priority, to keep on track and follow the Good Shepherd all the way. But so often in one’s life, things are not that clear cut. Things go haywire mostly through our own lack of commitment. We waver. We fall.

Yet, God tells us clearly that if we follow him each day, taking our cross along, albeit with some reluctance sometimes, he will see us through. Ours is a God of faithfulness and every promise made will be fulfilled. We need to do our part. Remember he has, out of love, given us free will and so what choices do we make?  Vile sinner that I am, I can rest assured that indeed, in God’s time, all will be well. God alone suffices.

Since tomorrow is the day the Church will remember the Immaculate Conception, it is a good time to ask our Lady for her prayers. As a teenager, she gave her word –  let it be done unto me according to Thy word – and she kept her commitment to the very end.

Our Lady, please pray for us. We too want to run the race and fight the good fight to the end. We need a large dose of faithfulness in the service of the Lord. Each moment, each day, we have so many decisions to make. Let each choice we take be one for the will of God to be done and for his glory to be made manifest!

Immaculate Mary, pray for us!