Time and tide

Time and tide wait for no man. . .

When one comes to the autumn of one’s life, one’s thoughts tend to mellow like the autumn leaves. That is not to say that one becomes sad. Far from it. The season of autumn is a season of fruitfulness and one look at the autumn leaves will bring much joy and delight. The colours are rich, to say the least, and one realises the beauty of every tint and tone, every hue and every colour. One realises too that one can either choose to go on joyfully or start moaning and groaning. To moan and groan will be the way of the pessimist, and as the pessimist moans and groans, the days of autumn move on and soon they are no more.

I have had the chance to participate in a mid-life retreat held some years ago. I was assisting the retreat director. At that time I have to confess that the implications of growing old gracefully were not that clear to me. I did not really understand much about the spirituality of the older person.

Today? It is a different story. It is thrilling. One’s perception changes and I would like to put it down to wisdom. While it is equally true that wisdom is not given to all, one can learn and grow to be wiser. The bible tells us to ask and be sure of it being given. Let us seek the wisdom from heaven. Let us understand that this life on earth is not meant to go on forever. Our citizenship, St Paul says, is in heaven. If that is so. lament not the passing of the season of autumn.

When winter comes, slow down. . . one day in the courts of our Lord is worth a thousand without him. Praise God!