Good food

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I was given a small task to do and it was to report on the kind of food offered during our pilgrimage. Please take a look at the plates with the forks and knives to draw your own conclusion.

The first photo shows the result of my eating that particular meal. As I had learnt, I placed my cutlery to show that I was done. Short of licking the plate clean, I had done justice to the cook’s  food. It was a delicious meal.

Thank God for food to eat

Thank God for a stomach that accepts food both spicy and non spicy

Thank God for a mouth to open and enjoy the food received

Thank God for the ability to bite, to chew and to taste the food

Thank God for the digestive system that does all the work

Mine is to see, to take, to taste, to enjoy and to put on weight!

Ah, I did gain five pounds in those 18 days of eating, eating and more  eating.

Good thing I did lots of walking, climbing, kneeling too.